As a consequence of working with Catherine I embraced a new way of working, leading and engaging others which I continue to use today

I first worked alongside Catherine more than 10 years ago, as the organisation I worked with sought to fundamentally change how our sales force operated. She started with the sales management team, identifying how ready we were to define, lead and implement the change; she helped us to turn the change into defined stages and developed our skills and confidence to deliver each stage. It was a challenging time, yet she provided support and encouragement as we delivered a number of integrated projects applying the new behavioural expectations. Enabling the sales managers to implement these changes was such a success that she went onto facilitate changes across the organisation. These all built on her initial work, defining what the organisation wanted to achieve and how we wanted to do it. As a consequence of working with Catherine I embraced a new way of working, leading and engaging others which I continue to use today. If you are looking for a coach who will truly deliver change rather than just talking about it, then Catherine is the right person for you.
Steve Jolliffe, Director - Start 2 Finish Marketing

Catherine helps me look differently at a situation and appraise change with objectivity. She has facilitated new team start up for me on several occasions and provides impetus to behaviour changes as business needs evolve.
Imogen Gill, VP R&D, Pfizer

Catherine’s ability to explore and define our organisational culture, values and expectations has been hugely impactful as we have passed through significant change phases. Her skilled probing means that conversation, briefings and project reviews with her are thought provoking, challenging and focused on tasks and behaviours key to our future business success. Consequently we have been keen to seek her input on a diverse range of projects which include facilitating workshops with the Executive Team, coaching new or existing high potential leaders and the recruitment of senior leaders.
Xaar Plc

I have found Catherine's coaching capability an invaluable asset whether I am managing performance, accelerating development or simply getting people to take control of their careers. Catherine's ability to understand the requirement and work with my team and me, then accelerate the process of getting to the right outcome for everyone has been outstanding.
Peter Barnes, IT Change Manager

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