Catherine’s ability to understand the requirement and work with my team and me, then accelerate the process of getting to the right outcome for everyone has been outstanding
Catherine Knight

Catherine Knight
As a Business Psychologist, Catherine has been achieving business success through people for over twenty years. Prior to establishing Knight Cornwell Consulting in 2000 she was a Managing Consultant for PA Consulting Group. She has delivered a wide variety of projects both nationally and globally to a diverse client base spanning industries such as pharmaceutical, healthcare, technology, finance, insurance, oil and gas, transport, consulting services, and member organisations. She has worked in organisations of varying shapes and sizes, from start ups and young businesses, often seeking their first venture capital injection through to multinational complex businesses. Her consulting and coaching work has been wide and varied in a range of different business situations, including many projects spanning different countries and sites which has meant addressing the cultural and behavioural complexities that impact on performance.

Catherine works with senior leaders, both individually and collectively. She has a
wealth of knowledge and a pragmatic approach which means that she can
support you in delivering success for your business. Her approach is
underpinned by this extensive experience of working with leaders in a
business environment, her ability to define current and future organisational
cultures, and her positive approach to discussing objectives, capabilities
and personal behaviour. Focussing on a wide range of organisational and
personal change challenges she balances business needs and
expectations with individual capability, and enables people to make the
behavioural transitions that are integral to change. ... More ►

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